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Millicent Moatshe is a young mother in her twenties. Upon completing her high school a few years back, she did not have money for college and had to live with her boyfriend in order to get the money for school. Her boyfriend left her in the middle of her studies, leading her to drop out of school because she could not pay the fees. She felt lost then, and had no hope in her future. For livelihood, she started staying with another boyfriend, and took up a lowly job. She eventually had children, but she still felt helpless, and life was meaningless.

She got to know Light and Love Home in 2014, and learned about our charitable and social services in the settlement. She thought about the many young mothers in the settlement who were in the same plight as she and wanted to commit herself to helping them. After having finished a course on computers, Millicent became our computer class instructor when Light and Love Home set up the class in mid-2016. Millicent used her knowledge to help the group of young mothers and we managed to approach and help more than 20 young mothers within 6 months. Their lives were also greatly helped and changed with Millicent’s assistance.

In this new academic year, Millicent would be going back to school with 9 other young mothers! They will all study at a College in Mamelodi. They are so excited and thank Light and Love Home for our assistance. Now they have rediscovered the meaning of life and they see hope and a bright future.

Gloria is a younger mother of two daughters. She has neither parents nor a husband. Before she got to know about Light and Love Home, she found life depressing, and felt lonely and helpless. After meeting us in 2012, Gloria said she rediscovered hope and love in her life. She had joined the sewing class under our women’s programme and learnt skills for her livelihood. And most importantly, she gained love and truth from a group of Light and Love Home volunteers.

Hence she really wanted to do something for us in return, and started cleaning the Light and Love Home community centre on her own initiative. When we decided to formally recruit her as a Light and Love Home Volunteer, she was so grateful that she knelt and thanked us profusely. In the past few years, Gloria has helped clean and look after the community centre, and also in many other areas, such as the children’s after school programme, women’s programme, translation for local dialects, and representing Light and Love Home in caring for the elderly and liaising with the people in the township.

Gloria provided so much help to Light and Love Home. We see her not just receiving benefits, but also trying her best to give in return. Her neighbours say she is a changed person, no longer always troubled and self-centred, but always joyful, generous and helpful. She also gives thanks that her life can experience what it means one is more blessed to give than to receive.

2016 is a fruitful year! Light and Love Home had our celebration on the Appreciation Day in December. We would like to praise our students, both from the children's classes and adults computer class. We saw the effort they had in the past year. All of them were so joyful when they got our rewards and certificates.

Certainly we must thank our volunteers. Without them, we can't run the programs at all! We appreciate their commiment to serving the community. Good job! Let's continue to love and to care! We all look forward to a more prosperous year of 2017!

Raymond, on the right, teaching the young boy to use the computer

Raymond has joined our after school tutorial since Grade 9. With limited resources in his school, which is in the township, Raymond struggled a lot in his studies, especially Maths and Physical Science. By understanding Raymond's weaknesses, LLH volunteers tailor made a study program for him. Not only did he improve a lot in his studies, he was also touched by the love and cares from our LLH volunteers. With their encouragement, Raymond went through many challenges and now he is going to the university! Seeing many examples from the volunteers, Raymond decided to help others by being a teacher. He will study Education and he wants to be a responsible teacher to benefit many. Our LLH staff and volunteers are grateful to see Raymond grow. We wish him a prosperous future and may he become a great impact to his community. 

My name is Nazirite and I am a Fine Art student in the university of Pretoria. This year was full of challenges and obstacles, but by the grace of God and the help from Light and Love home, I was able to complete this academic year with success.

I want to thank Light and Love home specially for my scholarship. Many underprivileged students at the university organised protests due to inflating and unaffordable school fees. Students were under lots of unnecessary stress with finance and affecting their academic results.

Thankfully with the help of Light and Love home, I don't have to work under those stress, and able to produce some of the most impressive art work ever seen in my department.

Living Enhancement Program: LLH provides interest-free loan to the residents in slum so that they can earn a more stable income by starting small business in food and grocery retail.

Remark: 0% Administration fee policy is applied to all programs and projects organised by Light and Love Home Worldwide Charity Services.

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